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The Mackay School has been authorised to offer the Primary Years Programme.

PYP at The Mackay School

We started our PYP journey two years ago adopting the PYP methodology and IB philosophy step by step, until we were ready to start the process of becoming a PYP school. During 2014 we began training our teachers in online workshops given by the IBO. In October 2014 we put our application form for candidacy, which was accepted by the IBO. This means that from March 2015 we started the formal process towards authorization. This process has different steps, which as a school we will have to accomplish. In February 2015 all our bilingual Junior school staff attended an on site training provided by the IBO, on how to “Make the PYP happen in the classroom”. We had two workshop leaders coming from experienced PYP schools from abroad.It was fabulous being part of that training in which teachers became more and more excited about starting a new school year. This course confirmed that what they had been doing was right, and they learned new ways of building on their previous knowledge and skills. During the second half of 2016 we had our authorisation visit,  becoming an authorised PYP school during  the first term of 2017.

Since the beginning of our journey our teachers have been taking different kinds of online and onsite training, this will keep on  happening as it is a requirement of the programme. We will continue working to improve our practices and we are looking forward to  our first verification visit which will happen in four years time.

Evangelina Di Girolamo
Head of Junior School Academics
PYP Coordinator



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