The Mackay School Anthem
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The Mackay School Anthem

The Mackay School Anthem

Juan Carlos Galdámez Naranjo LLM (Wales, UK)

Chairman of the Board of Governors The Mackay School

PART I Foundational Principles

The guiding principle of The Mackay School Anthem, encapsulated in the verse, “For a firm and sure foundation, for each noble aspiration, for the glory of our nation, Stands our School Mackay,” serves as a profound testament to the institution’s ethos and vision. This succinct yet potent declaration speaks volumes about the foundational principles that guide the school, the aspirations it nurtures in its students, and its overarching commitment to national pride and development.

A Firm and Sure Foundation

The opening line, “For a firm and sure foundation,” underscores the importance of a solid educational base. School Mackay’s commitment to providing a robust foundation is crucial in a rapidly changing world where knowledge and skills are pivotal. A firm foundation implies a comprehensive education that not only imparts academic knowledge but also fosters critical thinking, ethical values, and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-prepared to face future challenges and contribute meaningfully to society. The foundation laid at School Mackay is akin to the roots of a tree, providing stability and nourishment, enabling students to grow and flourish.

Noble Aspirations

The phrase “for each noble aspiration” highlights the school’s dedication to fostering high ideals and ambitions among its students. Noble aspirations refer to goals that go beyond personal gain, aiming instead for the greater good. School Mackay encourages its students to dream big, think innovatively, and strive for excellence in all their endeavors. By instilling values of integrity, responsibility, and altruism, the school nurtures future leaders who are not only successful in their careers but also committed to making a positive impact on their communities and the world at large.

The Glory of Our Nation

The third segment, “for the glory of our nation,” signifies the school’s patriotic spirit and its role in nation-building. Education is one of the most powerful tools for national development, and School Mackay recognizes this by instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in its students. The glory of a nation is reflected in its educated, enlightened, and engaged citizens. By promoting civic consciousness, social responsibility, and a commitment to public service, Thw Mackay School prepares its students to be active, informed, and conscientious citizens who contribute to the nation’s progress and uphold its values.

School Mackay: A Beacon of Excellence

Finally, the phrase “Stands our School Mackay” asserts the school’s distinctiveness and excellence. It suggests that School Mackay is not just another educational institution but a standout example of quality education and moral fortitude. This distinction is achieved through a rigorous academic curriculum, dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive learning environment. The school’s emphasis on individual growth, community service, and national pride ensures that it produces well-rounded individuals who are equipped to excel in various fields and make significant contributions to society.


In summary, this first verse of The Mackay School Anthem encapsulates our institution’s comprehensive vision of education. It emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation, the pursuit of noble aspirations, and the role of education in national development. By standing out as a beacon of excellence, The Mackay School not only imparts knowledge but also molds character, instills values, and inspires greatness. This holistic approach ensures that the students of School Mackay are not just academically proficient but also morally grounded, socially responsible, and patriotically inclined, ready to contribute to the glory of the nation.           


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